Kitten Starter Kit

Kitten Starter Kit Hero
Every kitten is unique, but there’s one thing they have in common – they change lives. Prepare your clients for the responsibilities of new kitten ownership with clear how-to guides, as well as freebies like coupons and Purina kitten food samples.
Get Your Kitten Kit

Get Your Kitten Kit

Prepare your clients with all of the information they need for responsible kitten ownership. Our popular kitten kits are a complimentary benefit available exclusively to Pro Club members. Take advantage of your Pro Club membership and order yours today!
Kitten Guide

Kitten Guide

From vaccinations to feeding, this comprehensive guide has everything new cat owners need to know about caring for their companions.
Feed your kitten

Feeding Your Kitten

Purina Pro Plan offers exceptional nutrition to nourish your kitten and support healthy development. Learn about Pro Plan and other respected Purina cat food brands to discover the right option for your kitten.

Purina Points

Collect receipts from Purina products and upload them online to earn valuable rewards, including discounts on Purina nutrition.

Why Purina?

With more than 80 years of research and innovation, Purina’s “nutrition first” approach to pet care 
promotes optimal health for your cats and helps them reach their full potential.