Today's Breeder Issues

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Black lab outside next to water

Issue 107

Mark of Excellence Watermark Retrievers

Opposites Attract

Westminster's 'Trumpet'

Service Dog Partners

Wasabi a Pekingese breed and winner

Issue 106


2021’s Show Dogs of the Year

Pequest Pekingese On Top of the World

Top Sporting Dogs of 2021

sporting dog

Issue 105

Dr. Frances O. "Fran" Smith - REPRO Vet & Breeder of Danikk Retrievers

2021 HRC Fall Grand

CHF Parent Club Conference Highlights

The Whippets of Windborn & Starline

Issue 104

The Portuguese Water Dog in America

Westminster Winner Wasabi

Q&A On Dog Breeding and Nutrition


Issue 103

Addressing Canine Pyometra

Photographers' Favorite Pics

Travel First-Aid Kit for Dogs

today's breeder issue 102 cover image of Samoyed

Issue 102

Reducing Pregnancy Problems

25 Years:
AKC Canine Health Foundation

Conditioning Performance Retrievers

Siba Vizla dog

Issue 101

Canine Meningioma

Westminster Winner 'Siba'

Dogs' Body Language


Issue 100

DNA Testing & Genetic Diversity

Incredible Dog Challenge

Special 100th Issue Coverage


Issue 99

Chagas Disease in Dogs

Fast Cat is Fun

Calming Care on the Circuit


Issue 98

Adverse Drug Reactions in Dogs

Purina Pro Plan Formulas for Performance Dogs

Siberian Husky Masters Agility

Today's Breeder Issue 97 Thumbnail

Issue 97

Westminster Winner ‘Flynn’

Purina Pro Plan SAVOR with Probiotics

Mutation Discovery Linked to IVDD

Today's Breeder Issue 96

Issue 96

Bird Dog Boot Camp

National Parent Club Conference

Building Canine Stamina

Today's Breeder Issue 95

Issue 95

Tick Protection For Dogs

Practicing Healthy Hydration

Early Puppy Socialization

Today's Breeder Issue 94

Issue 94

Retriever Winter Warm-Up

A Dog Breeding Roundtable

Chic: A Canine Health Database

Today's Breeder Issue 93

Issue 93

Building a Kennel

Placing Puppies in Pet Homes

Managing Urinary Stones

Today's Breeder Issue 92

Issue 92

Grooming Dogs Competitively

Dealing with Atopic Dermatitis

Purina Retriever Awards

Today's Breeder Issue 91

Issue 91

Kennel Comforts in Winter

Purina Sporting Awards

Reducing the Risk of Dog Flu

Today's Breeder Issue 90

Issue 90

Showing Dogs to the Standard

New Approaches to Bloat

Dog Psychology in the Field

Today's Breeder Issue 89

Issue 89

Healthy, Strong Senior Dogs

Safe Summer Training Tips

Purina Pro Plan Bright Mind

Today's Breeder Issue 88

Issue 88

Puppies: Socializing & Feeding

Spring Cleaning Your Kennel

Today's Breeder Issue 87

Issue 87

The Sporting Dog Summit

Stress-Free Travel

Purina Top Shooting Dogs

Today's Breeder Issue 86

Issue 86

Show Superstitions

Breaking Genetic Codes

A Fancy for Barn Hunt

Today's Breeder Issue 85

Issue 85

2013 Cocker National Field Trial

Artificial Insemination in Dog Breeding

Junior Showmanship at the Garden

Today's Breeder Issue 84

Issue 84

Unexpected Joys of 2013

New Pro Plan SPORT Bars

The AKC Museum of the Dog

Today's Breeder Issue 83

Issue 83

Dangers Afield

Customizing Canine Care

Nurturing Natural Ability

Today's Breeder Issue 82

Issue 82

CCL Stabilization

Beginning a Bloodline 


Today's Breeder Issue 81

Issue 81

Diving Into a Dog Sport

Nutrition That Matters

Spotlight on Cover Dogs

Today's Breeder Issue 80

Issue 80

Faces of Pro Club

Santa Barbara Breeders Showcase

Pro Plan: Awaken the Greatness

Today's Breeder Issue 79

Issue 79

Choosing Puppy Buyers

Canine Genomics & Nordic Breeds

Standard Poodle Makes History

Today's Breeder Issue 78

Issue 78

Juniors Handle the Future

GI Tract in Health & Disease

International Canine Festival

Issue 77

Issue 77

A Family Tradition

Parent Club Health Conference

Ringside at Westminster

Today's Breeder Issue 76

Issue 76

Top Breeder-Veterinarians

Getting Serious About SAS

Obedience at Purina Farms

Today's Breeder Issue 75

Issue 75

Feeding for Performance

Conditioning the Complete Dog

Herding Trials at Purina Farms

Today's Breeder Issue 74

Issue 74

Retriever Trial Seminar

Pug Dog Encephalitis

Breeders Turned Show Judges

Today's Breeder Issue 73

Issue 73

Warming Up Winter

Learning the Ropes

Rare Breeds at Purina Farms