Purina® Pro Plan® Sport for Breeding Dogs

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Through our deep knowledge of canine breeding and dog gestation, as well as our expertise on optimal food for pregnant dogs, there’s one thing we’ve learned along the way:
healthy puppies start with healthy mothers. Help support the health of your breeding dogs, including your reproducing females, with Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 formulas. Then, help support your entire breeding program when you join Pro Club, a free membership that includes valuable, breeder-focused resources like in-depth articles, publications, and savings.

Optimal Nutrition to Support all Stages of Canine Reproduction

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Supports Healthy Body Condition

Throughout Pregnancy

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Provides All Nutrients Lactating Mothers

Need to Nourish Strong Puppies

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Advanced Nutrition Appropriate for Puppies

After Weaning

What Expert Dog Breeders Are Saying About Purina Pro Plan

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“They have to be in peak condition to do their work. And the consistency of Purina Pro Plan Performance 30/20 makes that possible.”

Terri Keller*,
Professional Service Dog Breeder

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“Nutrition is key when breeding dogs. That’s why I feed my dogs Purina Pro Plan Performance 30/20...it’s easy to find. It’s easily digestible. And the dogs seem to love it.”

Sharon Svoboda*,
Breeder and Professional Handler

*This individual received a courtesy fee for this interview.

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The fine-tuned nutrition of Pro Plan Sport is available online and in store at pet specialty retailers near you.

Pro Plan Breeder Series Webinars

Renowned veterinarian Dr. Marty Greer is an expert on canine fertility. Watch all three of her video presentations on canine breeding, brought to you by the American Kennel Club and

Purina Pro Plan.

australian shepherd


Preparing for
Canine Pregnancy
with Dr. Marty Greer

Producing a healthy litter of puppies involves more than just dog breeding.

In this presentation from Dr. Marty Greer, DVM learn about key health and nutritional aspects of canine pre-conception in order to ensure the best chance of successful dog gestation and a healthy litter of puppies.


chocolate lab


Managing Your
Brood Female for
Fertility & Success

Planning to breed your female the next time she’s in heat?

Don’t wait until the last minute to ensure she’s in top condition to become pregnant and produce a healthy litter of puppies. Join reproduction specialist Dr. Marty Greer to learn about a bitch’s endometrial and vaginal microbiomes, using progesterone testing for accurate breeding timing, and options related to natural and artificial dog breeding.



Whelping and
Post-Whelping Care
of Mothers and Pups

Once your dog has successfully delivered her pups, the work has just begun.

Now you have both mom and her puppies relying on you for security, engagement, and care. Learn how to assist in postpartum recovery, including recognizing and addressing postpartum complications. Plus, learn how to provide health care, wean pups, and have fun raising them.

Labrador retriever


Looking for More Breeding Resources? 

Purina Pro Club offers in-depth articles on topics relevant to breeders, such as progesterone testing, whelping, and more. Explore now for free resources to enrich your dog breeding expertise.