Why Join Pro Club?

Whether you’re new to this world or a seasoned professional, Pro Club offers valuable benefits for pet enthusiasts like you. Like points rewards for Purina pet food you already buy, free puppy kits, and resources that can help your operation, training, and skills reach the next level.

Pro Club Member Benefits

Pro Club members get access to a wide variety of exclusive, members-only benefits.

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Exceptional Nutrition

Stay up-to-date on the latest information about Pro Plan and other Purina brands, plus get expert guidance on the best nutrition for your dogs or cats.

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Valuable Rewards

Get rewarded for Purina products you already buy. Earn points for savings on Purina nutrition, vet care, and more.

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Puppy Kits

Order FREE starter kits to give to new pet owners. Puppy kits include pouches for food samples, shot record forms, and helpful information about puppy care.

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Breeder Publications

Enjoy a complimentary subscription to Today’s Breeder magazine and the Purina Pro Plan Breed Update newsletter. These publications cover dog breeding, health and genetics, nutrition, training and conditioning, plus much more.

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Expert-led Videos

Watch as respected canine experts share the personal stories behind their success. And, help increase your knowledge on puppy training, breeding, and other helpful topics.

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Purina Pro Plan Nutrition

Year-over-year, Purina Pro Plan is the trusted brand of champions in conformation, sporting,
and more. With formulas tailored to breed sizes, life stages (including all life stages formulas),
and specific needs, Pro Plan offers a wide variety of high-quality formulas to choose from.
Try it today, and discover what it can do for exceptional pets like yours.

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Pro Club Partnerships

Purina supports the activities and interests of dog breeders, enthusiasts
and owners through a variety of programs, partnerships and events.

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