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Your cats deserve nutrition that helps them reach their full potential. Fuel their natural athleticism, stunning beauty, and vibrant health with the advanced nutrition of Purina Pro Plan. Or, choose from other high-quality Purina brands that fit your individual needs. No matter which results you’d like to achieve through nutrition, we’re here to support you with expert guidance and support.


At Pro Plan, we never stop researching, discovering and enhancing the food pets eat every day. Because cats like yours deserve advanced nutrition that helps them live long, healthy lives.

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Give your kittens the nutritional building blocks they need to build a solid foundation for lifelong health. Pro Plan Development formulas include DHA for brain and vision development, antioxidants to support their developing immune systems, and calcium, phosphorus and other minerals to help build healthy teeth and bones.

Specialized Cat Food


Each cat is unique. That’s why Pro Plan Specialized formulas offer focused nutrition to support their unique nutritional needs. Like Sensitive Skin & Stomach formulas, Urinary Tract Health formulas, Indoor formulas, and Pro Plan LiveClear, the first and only cat food shown to reduce the major allergen in cat hair and dander.

Essential Cat Food


Pro Plan Essentials formulas feature outstanding nutrition, taste, and variety to help cats thrive. Featuring 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult cats, plus crunchy kibble and tender, shredded pieces, Essentials formulas are great-tasting, high-quality formulas for everyday excellence.

Senior Cat Food


Ensure your cats over the age of 7 are getting the nutrition they need to be their best, with Pro Plan Senior formulas. Each formula offers benefits specially tailored to the needs of cats age 7+, like antioxidants for immune health, Omega-6 fatty acids to nourish skin & coat, and vitamin A and taurine to support healthy vision. Plus, all Pro Plan Prime Plus formulas contain a proprietary blend of nutrients proven to both improve and extend the life of cats age 7 and older. (Findings based on cats exclusively fed a complete diet with the proprietary blend vs. cats fed the complete and balanced diet alone.)


Find the advanced nutrition of Pro Plan online and at select pet specialty retailers near you.

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Answer a few simple questions and receive a personalized food recommendation and custom feeding guide from our experts.


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Cat Chow

Made with real chicken or turkey, our signature dry cat food recipes give adult cats the complete, high-quality nutrition they need to help live long and healthy lives.

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Kitten Chow

Whether your kitten prefers wet or dry food, you can be sure every Kitten Chow formula contains all the nutrients essential for her growth and development.

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Purina ONE

High-quality nutrition, blended in purposeful combinations, for whole body health you can see. Plus, real meat is the #1 ingredient in all dry formulas.* See the difference 28 days can make.

*excludes Purina ONE Cat Urinary Tract Health Formula

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Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora

Travel and new environments can put stress on a cat’s immune and digestive systems. Pro Plan® Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora® Feline Probiotic Supplement helps support digestive health and promote a strong immune system.

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Pro Plan Veterinary Diets

Specialized nutrition makes a difference in your cat’s performance and health. Every unique Pro Plan Veterinary Diets formula is backed by scientific research and Purina expertise.