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Purina® Pro Club® is a program founded in exceptional nutrition, like Pro Plan®. Join today for access to nutritional news and updates, plus expert guidance on the best food for your dogs.

Purina® Pro Plan® Dog Food

Our goal is to give your dogs the nutrition to be their absolute best, helping them be energetic and resilient and maintaining an ideal body condition, healthy skin and a stunning coat. Purina Pro Plan offers a variety of dry products formulated for taste preferences, age, dietary considerations or activity/lifestyle.
Purina® Pro Club®

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To qualify, you must be a dog/cat breeder and/or enthusiast and/or personally care for 5 or more dog/cats. 

Find the Purina® Pro Plan® for Your Dogs

Not sure what formula is right for your unique dogs? Try myPLAN to get our expert recommendation on a Purina Pro Plan formula for your dog.


Brain-supporting nutrition for cognitive health

Purina® Pro Plan® SAVOR®
Outstanding nutrition & taste for everyday excellence
Focus Package Shot
Purina® Pro Plan® FOCUS
Specialized nutrition for unique needs
Sport Package Shot
Purina® Pro Plan® SPORT®
Fine-tuned nutrition to promote strength and endurance

Additional Purina Brands within Pro Club

Purina® Dog Chow®

• Made with high-quality ingredients, including real meat
• Provides complete nutrition for dogs at every age & size
• Available everywhere, at a great value

Purina® Puppy Chow®

• Protein for growing muscles
• DHA to support brain and vision development
• Calcium for growing bones & teeth
• Available everywhere, at a great value

Purina ONE®

• Real meat is the #1 ingredient in all dry formulas
• High-quality nutrition, blended in purposeful combinations, for whole body health you can see
• Visible differences in 28 days, guaranteed

Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets FortiFlora
Travel, hard work and new environments can put stress on a dog’s immune and digestive systems. Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets FortiFlora® Canine Probiotic Supplement helps support digestive health and promote a strong immune system.
Purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets
Specialized nutrition makes a difference in your dog’s performance and health. Every unique purina® Pro Plan® Veterinary Diets formula is backed by scientific research and Purina expertise.
Purina® Beyond®
A whole line of natural pet food made from recognizable ingredients, sourced from trusted suppliers and crafted to deliver the nourishment pets need and nothing they don't.
The advanced nutrition in Purina Pro Plan is available exclusively at pet specialty and online retailers.
  • Rating:5 out of 5 stars
Great Food!

“I show dogs in a variety of things with the AKC. Hunting is a priority. My goldens need to have firm muscles and this food keeps them on the go and they just love it. I would not use any other brand.”

Reviewed By: Betsy, Dog Owner