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Breeding and competing are more than hobbies – they’re ways of life. Whether you’re a dog enthusiast or
a cat expert, Pro Club will celebrate your achievements and support your journey to success.

Puppy Starter Kit
Puppy Starter Kits
Get your puppies off to a great start with this FREE resource available exclusively for Pro Club members.
Kitten Starter Kits
Kitten Starter Kits
Pro Club membership has its perks, including FREE Kitten Kits filled with sample bags, coupons and more.
Today's Breeder
Today’s Breeder Magazine
Get the latest updates on dog breed health, training and genetics created for respected, responsible breeders like you.
Among the Best
Honoring Champions
Do your dogs have what it takes to be the best of the best? Track the current Purina® Pro Plan® Champions Cup standings and review past winners in the Circle of Champions and the Purina Awards.
Championing Nutrition
A Legacy Of Innovation
Purina is shaping the future of pet care by developing innovative dog and cat foods that provide complete and balanced nutrition. Learn more about our history, our breakthroughs, and our dedication to quality.