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Purina® Pro Plan® is proud to be the nutrition of choice for hundreds of professionals in sporting, conformation, and more. Meet these expert dog trainers, breeders, and handlers at the top of their game and learn the stories behind their success.

Guided by passion. Trusted by experts.

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See stories of legendary victories in the dog show world, as told by the champions behind them.

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What does it take to bring out the best of a breed? Learn from the experts themselves.

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Sporting Dog

Get tips and stories from top sporting dog trainers in the field and in the blind.

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Dog Sports

Watch incredible canine athletes and their trainers compete in agility, dock diving, and more.

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Service Dogs

Meet people and dogs who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

All Experts

Can’t pick just one? See them all to get a well-rounded perspective on top experts in each field.