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Nutrition for Champions,
by Champions

A deep reverence for the outdoor lifestyle is not only understood, but lived, by the field team at Purina. It’s the inspiration behind Pro Plan Sport Performance formulas that keeps dogs strong and energized in the field, and it’s the foundation of trust shared among the field team, fellow outdoors people, trainers, and competitors. Get the story behind Pro Plan Sport and discover why it’s the trusted nutrition of more sporting dog champions than any other brand*.

*Based on 2022 National, World & Invitational Champions and Purina Award Winners. The handlers or owners of these champions may have received Pro Plan dog food as Purina ambassadors.

Backed by Science

The innovative nutrition of Purina Pro Plan is backed by a team of more than 500 nutritionists, veterinarians, and scientists. Year after year, our tireless team of experts dives deep into the science behind active dogs and the nutrition that fuels them. 

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Every ingredient, every nutrient, every vitamin & mineral in our Pro Plan Sport formulas is chosen for a purpose and backed by science.

Born to burn fat subhead with 2x icon

A dog’s main energy source comes from fat, not carbs. In fact, dogs burn fat at almost 2X the rate of humans. 

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Optimal levels of protein and fat help fuel metabolic needs and maintain lean muscle.

Endurance athletes like no other subhead with leaping dog icon

The top human athletes in the world have a VO2 Max of around 93 ml/kg/min. Elite working dogs have a VO2 Max of more than 230 ml/kg/min. 

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VO2 Max, or Peak Oxygen Uptake, is a measure of the maximum amount of oxygen a dog’s body can utilize during exercise. The greater his VO2 max, the more effectively your dog’s body can use that oxygen to generate energy. 

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Pro Plan Sport Performance 30/20 formulas optimize oxygen metabolism (VO2 Max) for increased endurance.  

Purina Pro Plan Sport Performance dry formulas product lineup

Nutrition That Performs®

The strength and stamina to stay at your side starts with the fine-tuned nutrition of Pro Plan Sport. Discover which formula is right for your active dog through every stage of life.

Meet our Pro Plan Sporting Dog Programs Field Team

Karl Gunzer blowing a whistle during training

Karl Gunzer

Director, Sporting Dog Group 

Greg Blair in a Pro Plan-branded athletic shirt

Greg Blair

Senior Specialist – Bird Dog Segment

Ray Voigt kneeling with his black lab beside him

Raymond Voigt

Senior Specialist – Retriever, Spaniel, and Herding Segments 

Mark Cascio in camo hat and Pro Plan vest

Mark Cascio

Senior Specialist – Hound Group, Police K-9 Segments  

What the Experts are saying about Purina Pro Plan

Dr.Arleigh Reynolds smiling at Purina headquarters

“I’ve fed Purina Pro Plan for 25 years and raised close to 1,000 dogs, many of whom ate it their whole lives. The nutrition is outstanding, the quality of ingredients is really high, and people trust it because it’s always consistent.”

- Dr. Arleigh Reynolds, DVM, PhD, D.A.C.V.N.
Senior Purina Research Scientist

Karl Gunzer dog training with a whistle

“Purina’s culture of excellence in nutrition and support of Sporting Dog events allows me to help promote the sporting dog world, including many events that otherwise would not take place or would be limited to flourish.”

- Karl Gunzer, Purina Director of Sporting Dog Programs

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The History of Pro Plan Sport

Backed by more than a century of Purina innovation, take a journey through time to discover why Pro Plan Sport is the trusted nutrition for champions. Then, and now.