2018-2019 Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler Award

Bird Dog Shooting Dog Handler - Shawn Kinkelaar

Standing in the winner’s circle not once, not twice, but three times, pro bird dog trainer and handler Shawn Kinkelaar of Effingham, Illinois, and Carson, North Dakota, crowned his successful 2018-2019 season with three Purina Top Shooting Dog Awards. Eight dogs contributed to Kinkelaar’s win as the 31st Annual Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler, including Hale’s Southern Touch (“Bess”), the 2018-2019 Purina Top Shooting Dog Award winner, and Silver W Jill Z (“Jill”), the 2018-2019 Purina Top Shooting Dog Derby Award winner, earning 3,616 points from 27 field trial placements and besting 42 handlers.  

“It is an honor to handle so many promising, outstanding dogs. They showed up day in and day out, resulting in a very consistent season,” says Kinkelaar, a now 17-time Purina Award winner who puts 47,000 miles on his truck like clockwork every year traveling to field trials across the country. “I take pride in winning the Purina Award for myself, the dogs and their owners.”