2017-2018 Purina Top Shooting Dog Amateur Award

Bird Dog Shooting Dog - Jack Header 1200x300

A smart, consistent white-and-liver Pointer named “Jack” commanded the highly competitive shooting dog circuit with a record-setting 3,060 points to capture the 2017-2018 Purina Top Shooting Dog Amateur Award. Jack, whose registered name is Redland’s Jacked Up, finished the yearlong race with a dominating 1,870-point lead over the runner-up from nine placements in points-earning shooting dog stakes, including eight wins, outperforming 83 dogs. 

“Jack is an exceptional bird dog with a strong nose, the intelligence to hunt in the right places and the endurance to never quit,” says handler Joe Rentz of Brooks, Georgia, who owns the 5-year-old male with his wife Tricia, both two-time Purina Award winners. “Jack aims to please. He and I really click as a team.” Jack was bred by Steve Nichols of Kingston, Georgia. 

Jack is fed Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula.