Meet Anthony Porter of Sand Creek Kennels

Anthony Porter

I got started in curs about years ago after hunting hounds, I liked the idea that they hunted squirrels and Raccoon. The dual purpose dog in my eyes as my passion was for both. I acquired Boone Dock from a local farmer that had got him started very well. And we took him from there...

In the last year Boone has won over 30 competition coon and Squirrel hunts along with 2 State Titles and 3 World Titles. He is part of the family at the young age of 2 he has earned his keep for life here at Sand Creek Kennels. We are a team that knows what each one is thinking.

Purina Pro Plan is our feed of choice, for him our females and pups. Even our "yard dog" A Great Dane and St. Bernard get Pro-Plan.