Antioxidants: Protection against Free Radicals

Active dogs, especially those that take part in endurance exercise, experience oxidative stress due to their prolonged increase in oxygen consumption. Antioxidants help minimize oxidative damage to cells during intense activity and following exercise during recovery.                 

Oxygen metabolism naturally generates free radicals, which are unstable particles that can injure cells and cause oxidative damage1. Active dogs that are fed a diet with less than adequate antioxidants to offset natural free-radical production may not perform at their best, particularly with consecutive days of exercise. They also may suffer from muscle stiffness and disruption of cellular balance. 

Dogs need a rich antioxidant blend to help support their immune system and protect cells from the cellular damage of free radicals. Antioxidant nutrients include selenium, zinc and vitamins A and E. These nutrients help support a dog’s immune system to scavenge and clean up free radicals that can cause damage to cells. Purina Pro Plan dry dog foods are enriched with these key nutrients to help promote a healthy antioxidant defense system.


To learn more about antioxidants and oxidative stress, check out the article referenced above as well as these scientific articles.

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