How To Introduce Water To Puppies

Whether your puppy will be introduced to water as part of bird dog training, or to simply enjoy a swim at the dog beach, it’s important make those first experiences positive. In this video, Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels explains how you can gradually introduce your puppy to water and make it a fun lesson for all involved.

Introduction To Water The Wildrose Way : Video Transcript

Mike Stewart: Socialization is people, places and things. One place that concerns people sometimes is getting a pup used to water. Really, it shouldn't be a fear factor at all for the puppy if you do it the right way. First thing we're going to do is get the puppy very, very warm. They want to get into that water to cool down. Get you a nice warm day, don't have cold water. I guarantee you the first time your puppy sees water, he's going to get in the water, because you're going with him. Kick your shoes off, put your boots on, wade out in that warm water, start leading the puppy around. Acclimate the puppy to water. Make it a game, throw a couple of balls around, have some fun with it. Obviously this puppy is having a lot of fun with it.

Now he's going to come back, get down really low. She encourages him back, back in the water we go. Little reluctancy right at the bank, that's expected, but you're going, you're bold, you're strong, don't show any fear. Wade into the water, start a game out of it. As you get the puppy out, more shallow into a little bit deeper, the puppy is going to lose his footing, swim a couple of strokes, and then come right back to you. As the pup runs around on you, one thing you should never do is chase the puppy. Always go away from the puppy. So if the puppy is running on the bank and reluctant to get back in, just get on the edge of the water, call the puppy to you. That's an easy way to introduce your dog. He will go in because you're going in.