How To Train A Puppy

How do you help a puppy grow and develop into a confident, well-behaved dog? Proper training, of course. Learn how renowned trainer Mike Stewart of Wildrose Kennels uses his positive training methodology, The Wildrose Way, to help shape well-rounded puppies like yours.

Puppy Training The Wildrose Way : Video Transcript

Mike Stewart: Well, welcome to the pack, the Wildrose pack that is. We're going to explore together how we start our pups the Wildrose way from socialization to housebreaking, crate training, all in a balanced way, all in a positive way. Taking our little puppies into adulthood to form behaviors that are going to endure a lifetime. You're going to learn about dysfunctions as well. These little pups have a little mind of their own and they do get into mischief. What about chewing, chewing on your hands? Have you ever thought about the positive way to correct that? What about pulling on the lead, jumping on you, chewing on the dog bed, barking in the crate? Lots of things that we're going to explore together through this series.

For instance, nipping. Puppies love to chew. They love to get your hands in the mouth. People call up and say, "Wait a minute. I've got a puppy that's chewing on my hands." And I said, "Oh dear, how old is he?" "Well, he's only three months old." I said, "Take your hand out of their mouth." So basically there's no correction for a lot of the things that you're going to experience in the mischief. It's how you hold the pup. If you hold a pup underneath here under his legs, you've got him secured against your body. Your hand is here. He can't chew on you. Let's explore together the Wildrose way of starting your pup and the journey begins right now.