Laurel Behnke

Owner and Handler of World-Record-Breaking, Incredible Dog Challenge Champion.


Q: Why do you trust Pro Plan Sport to fuel your incredible dog?

A: Two reasons: One, the years of research that back it up. Two, I love how Sounders performs on it. 

Q: Why do so many Diving, Sporting and Conformation trainers turn to Pro Plan Sport to fuel their champions?

A: They can see with their own eyes how well dogs of all sizes and types perform on it.  

Q: Share a little bit of your history.

A: I’ve been grooming dogs since I was 18 years old. I got my first whippet in 1992. I’ve been rescuing whippets for the past 17 years. And I’ve been doing sports with my dogs since I was a kid. 

Q: What’s the best part of working with canine athletes? 

A: The best part is the love and devotion they show. They’re always giving you their best.

Q: What is the most exciting  part of being an IDC competitor? 

A: The crowd! Sounders loves the excitement. And so do I.

Q: What’s your number-one goal in your training? 

A: To be the best handler for my dog that I can be. So, they can shine to their highest potential. 

Q: What do you think it takes to get your dog to perform at the highest level?

A: Excellent Breeding — fast, keen whippets with good health and temperament.
Advanced Nutrition — Which is what I get from Pro Plan® Sport.
Consistent Exercise — Walks, free running, swimming, and fetch.  

Q: A lot of time, training and hard work goes into competing. What makes it all worth it for you…and your dogs?

A: The pure joy I see in them when they’re doing what they love.  

Q: What about him stood out the most?

A: He has the sweetest expression. He loves me. He’s so willing to please. 

Q: When did you know he was special? 

A: The moment he was born. He’s been impressing me every day since. 

Q: What went through your mind when you saw Sounders had broken the world record?

A: Wow! Just so impressed with this boy. And how much I love him. He is truly incredible. I can’t wait to see what he’ll do next.

Q: How is Sounders a champion to you?

A: The way he’s so gentle with my 5-year-old granddaughter. The way he turns it on for a crowd. And the way he does his best in tense competitions. 

Awards & Accomplishments

  • NADD 2018 National Champion
  • Dock Dogs 2019 Big Air World Champion
  • Guinness World Record Holder for Dock Jumping 
  • 2019 IDC Diving Dog National Champion
  • 2019 IDC Fetch It National Champion 




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