Amber McCune, National Champion Agility Trainer

Amber McCune is a professional trainer and handler in Amherst, New Hampshire. Over the past decade, Amber has won multiple titles across agility, conformation and obedience, including winning the AKC National Championship with her dog Notch and representing team USA at the World Agility Championships with her dog Kaboom. 

Q: A lot of hard work goes into training and competing in agility. What makes it worth it for you and your dogs?
I think all of the long hours of training and the 20-hour drives in the RV across the United States is all worth it because of how much the dogs love what we're doing. Their excitement to experience new things and be part of a team and do agility is why I do it. Obviously, I like to win. But whether we win or lose, it's still just about the relationship and doing this with my family that just happens to be furry and four-legged.

Q: What is your favorite part of competing in agility?
My favorite moment is when I walk onto the agility field, and I kneel down next to Notch or Kaboom...because they both do it, and they are completely vibrating in anticipation, so excited to compete. It's just amazing to be able to do a sport with your best friend that loves it as much as you do.

Q: Where does the amazing connection you have with your dogs on the course come from? 
Well, agility, for me, is all about the relationship, and having the dog understand my body language. So, every day, whether it's getting in and out of the car, getting in and out of the house, just daily life, they're learning my body language and I’m learning new things about them. Every moment we spend together, we're just growing and becoming a stronger team on the agility course.

Q:Why do you choose to feed Purina® Pro Plan®?
Because it’s the best. It’s backed by scientific research. And because of the results I see in my dogs. I mean, my dogs try every single day to make my life better. They try every day with their whole heart for that 30 seconds on-course, so it's my duty to give them only the best.  

Q: What is your favorite thing to do together when you are off the course?
We LOVE hiking! I love to find new places to hike & explore when my dogs & I are in a new place for a competition. We’ve walked through Amsterdam, hiked in England, the Dutch country side & have been to almost every state in the US. 

Amber chooses Purina Pro Plan SPORT 30/20 for Notch and Kaboom.

*This individual received a courtesy fee and coupons from Purina Pro Plan.