Managing Your Brood Female With Dr. Marty Greer

mother dog nursing puppies

Plan early to ensure your females are in top condition to produce a healthy litter of puppies, and to protect their health and your breeding program. In this exclusive presentation brought to you by Purina Pro Plan, Dr. Marty Greer discusses issues that affect litter conception, size, and puppy survival, such as endometrial and vaginal microbiomes.  In addition to discussing options related to natural and artificial insemination, you’ll also learn how to use progesterone testing for accurate ovulation timing for breeding success.  To view this second of three Purina Pro Plan Breeder Series presentations in its entirety, click the video below.



About Dr. Marty Greer

Dr. Greer is a renowned veterinarian and lawyer whose life work is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of pets. She has extensive experience breeding and raising show dogs and has recently written the book Canine Reproduction and Neonatology: A Practical Guide for Veterinarians, Veterinary Staff, and Breeders.

Additional Dog Breeding Resources

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