Beagle Wins NHBA Sectional Series

National Hunting Beagle Association (NHBA) Sectional Series winner “Chief”

Beagle Named ‘Chief’ Leads the Pack to Win NHBA Sectional Series

Natural ability, quick brainwork and a lot of desire pushed a 7 ½-year-old red tick male Beagle to the front to win the National Hunting Beagle Association (NHBA) Sectional Series, a national points-based, yearlong competition, out of over 1,400 entries.

As the dominant cast winner, “Chief” (WORLDHBCH GRHBCH HOF GRCH PCH TNT’s 3MC CHIEF) tallied points by winning the Southern Classic in Virginia and the Michigan State Hunt, as well as winning casts in nine states. “Although not as fast as when he was younger, Chief won the Sectional Series running at a very consistent clip against younger dogs in their prime,” says breeder-owner-handler Trever McQuain. 

“He started winning, and we started traveling all over the country trialing him. He won at a very high level at an age when many hounds are retired. We are pleased that he did so well,” says McQuain, who co-owns the high achiever with his wife, Traci McQuain, and brothers Cory McQuain and Josh McQuain, all of Kimbolton, Ohio.

Recognizing Chief for earning 50 cast wins during his lifetime, the UKC awarded him Hall of Fame status in March 2021. He is the second of three Beagles who have achieved the honor since the program began in 2020.

In February 2021, Chief won the West Eliminator in Dixon, Missouri, out of 95 hounds. In September 2021, he placed sixth at the UKC Hunting Beagle World Championship in Caldwell, Ohio, out of 232 hounds. Chief made it through three 90-minute competition rounds over two days, though he did not advance to the fourth and final round. In 2018, Chief won the UKC Beagle World in Fairmount, West Virginia.

Born Nov. 2, 2014, Chief was sired by GRHBCH TNT Cooperstown, McQuain’s first field-trial bred Beagle.  “Chief is pretty special,” McQuain says. “He and I share a bond. He enjoys going with me everywhere. Chief has been a consistent field trial hound who puts his heart into his work. That has put him on top.”

Chief is fed Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20 Chicken & Rice.