Winningest German Shorthaired Pointer, Lewey, Retires at National German Shorthaired Pointer National Championships

Lewey standing in a field - Lewey Header Image



As German Shorthaired Pointer retirement parties go, the one for 2xNC RU-NC 2xRU-NAC 18XCH 19XRU-CH FC-AFC BMB’s Free Ride [“Lewey”) was pretty spectacular.  

It should be, considering Lewey is the winningest GSP of all time and has a title that resembles a cross between a periodic table and a physics exam. 

Brandon Blum, Lewey’s owner and handler, chose the 2024 National German Shorthaired Pointer Association National Championships in Grovespring, Missouri, as a fitting place for his last field trial ride with Lewey.   

“Lewey won the 2023 NGSPA National Championship there and was 2023 National Amateur Runner-Up,” Brandon says. “That’s where I wanted to retire him.” 

At 10 years old and coming into the National Championship with 36 Championship Placements, Lewey had nothing left to prove and found himself in the very first brace of the National Amateur Championship Stake. 

At 8 a.m., the race was on and big-running Lewey – not quite ready to retire – quickly went to work. 

“We found him on point at eight minutes,” Brandon recalls. Lewey was just getting started. He ripped up the course and finished the one-hour brace strong with five stylish finds. 

“I was panicking a little because when the hour was up, we had to go find Lewey and produce him for the judges,” Brandon says. “In our competition you can only be gone so long or you’re out.” 

Brandon and his scout, Hank Lewis, were able to produce Lewey in time for the judges. 

“We were able to round him up and we were good. And then I just sort of cried,” Brandon says. “I was so happy. Lewey did good. After that performance I really didn’t think any dog could beat him, but there were 28 talented dogs yet to run.” 

It turned out only one dog could beat Lewey. Ironically, it was Lewey’s son “Hewey” – a 6-1/2 year old also owned by Brandon and Jen Blum and handled by Brandon. 

“Hewey had five finds as well,” Brandon says. “Hewey’s speed and power was just a little better than Lewey’s.” 

Brandon says his wife, Jen, opted to stay home in Colorado because she gets too nervous at trials. 

“I texted Jen that I thought Lewey would be hard to beat. But in the end, it was pretty fitting for Lewey to hand it over to Hewey.” 

Lewey and Hewey didn’t fare as well in the NGSPA National Open stake, but they’d already made their marks. 

Lewey’s Runner-Up Championship gave him 37 Championship Placements, including five National Placements and two Invitational wins. 

“He’s done,” Brandon says. “Let’s call it a day. It was a good way to go out.” 

Especially for the dog that became the shorthair to beat and who helped make Brandon a competitive field trialer. 

Brandon says he grew up near Los Angeles and had no field trial experience. 

“I got a Vizsla as a hiking buddy. I transitioned to German Shorthaired Pointers and got into field trials about 11 years ago.”  

Lewey was a game changer for Brandon. 

“A friend had GSPs that were really good and I wanted a male,” Brandon says. “There was only one male in the litter. We got Lewey at 8 weeks old.” 

Sired by FC Kimber Tactical and out of FC Time To Pay The Piper, Brandon knew Lewey had talent and great potential as a puppy. 

“At six or seven months Lewey could run big and find birds – he was just a natural.” 

Lewey won his first Championship before age 2 near Tombstone, Arizona. Over the years, Brandon and Lewey developed a special bond. 

“He sleeps in the bed, lays on the couch and rides in the truck with me,” Brandon says. “The bond we have definitely makes a difference.” 

Brandon says Lewey and Hewey are fueled by Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20 Salmon & Rice formula. 

“They like Purina Pro Plan and perform well on Pro Plan,” Brandon says. “I like the Salmon formula because it gives them a great coat in addition to great nutrition.” 

With Lewey retired, Hewey’s National Amateur Championship win at Grovespring happened at a perfect time. 

“Hewey’s my main man right now,” Brandon says. “We have some young dogs coming up. And Lewey’s going to be on the couch. He deserves it.”