Webinar: Pregnant Dog Nutrition & Affect on Puppies with Dr. Andrea Hesser

White dog feeding her puppies

Presented by Andrea Hesser, DVM, DACT, Purina Pro Plan is proud to bring you Nutrition for Puppies Starting at Day One of Pregnancy. This webinar discusses how nutrition for the pregnant and postpartum dam can impact the growth and development of her puppies, as well as the balanced nutrition puppies need throughout the first year of life, to support their rapid growth.  


About Dr. Hesser: 

Andrea Hesser, DVM, DACT is a board-certified reproductive veterinarian who practices in small animal medicine in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Her clinical time is spent doing general practice veterinary medicine and reproductive consultations and surgery. Dr. Hesser also provides semen collection and health testing services at local dog shows. She is a longtime canine breeder and enthusiast with an interest in Whippets and Bullmastiffs. Her mission is to serve breeders by helping them achieve their goals with their breeding programs.  

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