Scott Smith, Managing Director of the Professional Engagement Team, has worked for Purina since 1999. In his current job, Scott meets show and sporting enthusiasts from across the country. He particularly enjoys attending agility and other dog sports at the PurinaEventCenter in Gray Summit, Mo., which is part of his team.      

Scott and his family have a chocolate Labrador Retriever named “Molly,” who is addicted to tennis balls and has a nonstop drive to retrieve them on land and water. They enjoy taking Molly on hiking, boating and fishing excursions to New York’s Adirondack Mountains. “I love how Molly has bonded with my children,” says Scott. “I never would have imagined the love they have for one another.”

Among Scott’s favorite things about Purina are “the fabulous people who I get to work with day and day out,” he says. “I’ve learned that enthusiasts are committed to enhancing the lives of their dogs by feeding the best, high-quality nutritious dog food they can. Nothing is more important to them than their dogs.”