Mark Cascio, Senior Specialist – Hound Group, Police K-9 Segments

Mark Cascio

I manage the Hound & Police K-9 segments within the B/E Group for Purina.  The hound group consists of working with and sponsoring registries which sanction and license beagle & coonhound events across the US.    

Managing the Police K9 segment consists of sponsoring national organizations which hosts trials, certifications, and seminars for police, military, and border patrol K-9 agents throughout the US, Canada, & Mexico. 

What makes you uniquely qualified for the position? 

I earned a B.S. in Animal Science from the University of Louisiana at Monroe and worked as a Purina Veterinary Consultant within Purina for a period of 12 years.  During my time spent in the field working with veterinarians and promoting both veterinary and wellness diets I was able to acquire in-depth knowledge of pet nutrition with a special focus on nutritional needs of performance sporting dogs. 

Why are you passionate about your segment? 

It allows me to travel and attend events across the U.S.  Being in the field gives me the opportunity to speak with our customers in person along with hearing their testimonies and stories.  My favorite part about this job is the satisfaction I receive when I know that I have brought value to our customers; whether it be from answering basic nutritional questions or even more exciting, helping them with complex nutritional concerns. Being in the field with our customers is the most fulfilling part of my duties. 

What difference do you think Pro Plan makes for dogs?  

Pro Plan provides complete and balanced nutrition and is produced by a trusted company.  Purina has been serving its customers since 1894 and throughout the years Purina has continued to innovate pet food, such as Pro Plan.  This desire we have as a company to innovate and renovate our products truly makes it exceptional.   

When I’m in the field, I can always tell if a dog is fed a high-quality diet such as Pro Plan.  Their coats have an amazing shine to them, they have a ton of energy, and their body condition scores are excellent.  When a customer feeds their dogs a Pro Plan product, they can expect an extremely palatable, complete and balanced product, which contains high-quality nutrients to help their dog thrive.