Greg Blair


Area Manager - Bird Dogs

I consider it an honor to work for a company that drives my passion for bird dogs. Supporting many of the world’s best dog owners and trainers is a real honor. This dedication has resulted in 1000’s of Purina fed Champions and Hunt Test winners over the years.

The area of coverage that my team supports is all pointing dog field trials, hunt and versatility tests across North America. I have participated in field trials and testing for over 20 years. In addition to continuing to handle my own dogs competitively, my dogs have won a National Amateur Invitational Championship, National Shoot to Retrieve Regional Championship and a High Point Dog of the Year, multiple years in different national associations.

When called upon I have dedicated my time to various national bird dog association boards, judged walking and horseback field trials, and been the chairperson for numerous weekend, regional and national championship trials – all across the country.

Our family lives in Wisconsin and has owned numerous dogs over the past 25 years, from a German Shorthair Pointer, English Pointers, English Setters, and a Golden Retriever to a few small house dogs. We also currently own two Tennessee Walkers that we use for field trialing and trail riding.