Purina® Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program

Since 2002, thousands of fellow dog breeders and enthusiasts have declared their participation in the Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program. This program allows national parent breed clubs to individually earn funding based on Purina weight circle submissions by Pro Club® members.

How it Works
Pro Club members submit weight circles from bags of participating Purina® Brand Dog Foods and accumulate weight circle points as part of the Pro Club Weight Circle Program. (Refer to Purina Pro Club Weight Circle Program for the program details). Purina tracks these weight circle submissions, and for every $100 of qualifying weight circle points earned by Pro Club members, Purina donates $10 to the participating national parent breed club. It is as simple as that.

Points are accumulated throughout a calendar year, and a check representing 10 percent of the value of the submitted weight circles for the year is evenly split between the participating national parent breed club and the AKC Canine Health Foundation. Since all funding is incremental to the weight circle program, your participation in the PPCP will not result in a reduction of the points you personally earn.

Funding Distribution
One half of each club’s individual annual earnings is issued directly to the Canine Health Foundation to support research grants aimed at a better understanding of genetics and other conditions impacting our dogs’ health. The other half is issued to the individual national parent breed club for use in the support of canine health research, education and/or rescue efforts. The PPCP Program has raised in excess of $3.5 million for canine health research, education and rescue efforts since 2002.

In addition to helping fund canine health research projects, the funding returned to the individual clubs has been used to help support educational outreach programs such as scholarships, library support, youth programs and conservation education programs. It has also been used to support judges’ education seminars, to produce breed specific educational materials and to produce responsible dog ownership materials.

Rescue programs have benefited with funds being used for the direct care of dogs in need, the development of fund raising tools and the support of adoption events.

How to Participate in the PPCP Program
You must be a Purina® Pro Club® Member to participate. Pro Club® members must individually declare their participation in the program and identify the national parent breed club that will receive their Purina Points. Members may declare for their national parent breed club by calling the Purina® Pro Club® toll-free number at 1-877-PRO-CLUB (1-877-776-2582) from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday, or by registering on this site. Pro Club members can only earn funds for their national parent breed club if the national parent breed club is enrolled in the PPCP Program.