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Dog Articles

Our extensive Pro Club article library features topics important to dog breeders
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nutrition to breed-specific health and hereditary concerns, as well as best practices
in breeding, kennel management, conditioning, and more.

Dog Articles


Field Promotions Representative

I have been showing dogs all my life beginning as a Junior. My first breed was German Shepherds. I have also had Afghans and Basenji’s but my passion has always been American Eskimo Dogs. I show both UKC and AKC. I have bred Multiple Best in Show and National Specialty winning dogs with both registries.

I have worked as a Veterinary Tech, am a Canine Behaviorist, and Canine Nutrition is another passion I have.

Corey Benedict, originally from Kansas City, began his love for the sport of purebred dogs at a young age in Kansas when he began breeding and showing English Springer Spaniels. 

Connie Wagner bought her first show Dalmatian in 1982 as a young mom with two kids. She finished her championship and bred her first litter in 1986.

I had been doing conformation classes since early 80's. Finally settled on French Bulldogs in the late 90's. By then I had started my breeding program to bring forth what we have today. I showed my first Frenchie in 2005 and from then on that's all I wanted to do. We have a Champion at little over a year old now working on his Grand.

Lots of training and finding the best food for our dogs and I am proud to say I use Pro Plan. What works for me is lots of love and socializing. My special dog isn't just one. Every one of them are special in the own right.

A fan of the Working breeds, Tracy Houlihan of OutBack Kennel in Berkley, Mass., has owned Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs, Boxers and Doberman Pinschers throughout her career as a breeder. She began showing dogs when she was 31 years old; however, multiple sclerosis sidelined her from the conformation ring 10 years ago.

My story begins seven years ago. I was a grouse hunter without a dog. I met an older gentleman at a gun show and he invited me to go with him and his Llewellins to Wisconsin. After a very successful trip I tried to buy his five year old Setter named Star that was just an amazing field dog. He declined but offered to let me borrow her the next season. That year at Christmas he called and offered to bring her by for a couple of weeks. I quickly accepted and when he came by I was shocked when he asked me if I wanted to keep her permanently as he was getting too old to hunt her.

In 2007 my husband and I decided to start showing and training boxers. We have always had a boxer in our marriage and so it was just a natural thing. I have learned so much in my time of handle-owning my own dogs, as well as having the limited litters we have. I only breed when I am wanting something for my program.

I love to get out there and show off my dogs. This year I have three to show off, it is going to be a wonderful year!

After 25 years breeding and exhibiting Siberian Huskies and Shiba Inu, I took on the challenge of a Curly Coated Retriever.

Keeping a dog in top condition for both the field and the show ring can be a daunting task, but we have found that Pro Plan Performance Formula fits the bill!

In addition to being a top ranked show dog - Top 5 Breed and All-Breed and multiple sporting group winner for 2008 & 2009 and the #1 Curly in Canada for 2009, Thriller is also training for his JH.

Showing her heart out for owner-handler Sherri Hurst of Houston at the Cardigan Welsh Corgi Club of America (CWCCA) National Specialty May 14, “Libby,” an 8-year-old brindle bitch, moved effortlessly. With beautiful side gait, powerful reach and drive, and a perfectly level topline, Libby looked as though she could go on endlessly.

Winning her second CWCCA National Specialty Best of Breed, having won the first in 2011 at 3 years of age, GCH Aubrey’s Tail of Mystery CGC brought Hurst to tears. This time, Libby won from the Veterans class.

Some of my first memories are of my parents showing their Bullmastiffs, playing "show dog" with the puppies. I put points on my first dog - a Chihuahua named Ruby when I was only 5 years old. Dogs are, and have been my entire life. When I was 14, I was introduced to the Australian Shepherd. Flash forward 15 years and today they are still my breed of choice. I have produced multiple champions, group winners, top 5 ranked breed/all breed winners, herding, agility and obedience competitors - the "whole dog" is my goal.

I started showing shelties as a junior handler in the 1980's. Being involved in junior showmanship kept me out of trouble and focused on a goal. The years I competed I was ranked number 2 and number 6 in the nation.

Later, as my life started to change I began breeding and showing professionally. I was lucky enough to pilot the youngest sheltie in our breed history to an all breed Best in Show when she was 8 1/2 months old. Her name is BIS Ch. Iona I Can Shine.

I started in purebred dogs in 1999 with Alaskan Malamutes. Fell in love with boxers and purchased my first boxer in 2001, and haven't looked back. We train for show and working, and started working on SAR training in 2008. It is exciting to see our program grow and we have exciting prospects for the show ring and even more exciting breedings lined up for the coming year. In 2012 I started my All Breed Handling business and have been working hard to get it off the ground and growing!