Dog Articles

Dog Articles

Our extensive Pro Club article library features topics important to dog breeders
and enthusiasts alike. This includes rich information in subjects ranging from dog
nutrition to breed-specific health and hereditary concerns, as well as best practices
in breeding, kennel management, conditioning, and more.

Dog Articles



  • Puppy socialization is the most important thing you can do to produce a confident, well-adjusted dog. See how Mike Stewart introduces his puppies to new people, places, and things gradually, and safely.

  • The puppy food you choose will help create the nutritional foundation for your puppy’s healthy life. So high-quality ingredients and proper nutrition are crucial, as is keeping your puppy at an ideal body condition.

  • Training your puppy to stay is an essential behavior they can use their whole life. Also called place training, teaching your puppy where they can go, and when, can help keep them well-mannered and safe.

  • Once your puppy enters your home, he or she becomes a part of your pack. But in your dog’s mind, there needs to be a leader. And if that leader isn’t you, they’ll think it’s them – which can lead to a myriad of undesirable puppy behaviors.

  • Many new puppy owners look forward to taking their dogs on walks right away. But before they can safely and calmly take these adventures together, they need to introduce their puppy to the skills they’ll need on lead.

  • Maintaining an ideal body condition is crucial to your puppy’s healthy development. But there are also ways you can protect their joints during this period of rapid growth.