Pro Plan Champions Cup

The peak for purebreds

The Purina® Pro Plan® Champions Cup recognizes and rewards excellence in purebred dogs. The year-long program awards points at hundreds of Purina-sponsored all-breed dog shows throughout the United States, with the winning dog earning a cash award and a framed oil portrait.

Results through January 2018

GCH Cordmaker Mister Blue Sky Puli 325 points
GCH CH Silverhall Strike Force Cocker Spaniel ASCOB 282 points
GCH CH Shaireab's Bayleigh Daenerys Stormborn Welsh Terrier 172 points
GCH CH Hill Country's Let's Get Ready To Rumble Pug 136 points
GCH CH Tamarin Tailback Affenpinscher 128 points
GCH CH Sabe's Simply Invincible Boston Terrier 127 points
GCH CH Ingebar's Tynan dances With Wildflowers Giant Schnauzer 126 points
GCH CH Kan Sing's Ambrier's Manaslu V. Altnaharra Tibetan Spaniel 115 points
CH Clussexx Man Of Steel Clumber Spaniel 114 points
GCH CH Majestic Elite Clever Endeavor PT Border Collie 112 points

Celebrating top of the class performance in the sport of canine purebreds, the Pro Plan® Champions Cup will reward the winner of this year’s cup with a keepsake Pro Plan Champions Silver Cup; Ten Thousand Dollar ($10,000) cash award; and one framed oil portrait of the winning dog.


The series runs throughout the year with points being awarded at approximately 214 all-breed dog shows throughout the U.S.

The Pro Plan® Champions Cup was introduced 13 years ago to honor those who promote excellence in the sport of purebred dogs through conformation dog shows and to support the dog fancy, Ann Viklund, Purina Director of Breeder-Enthusiast Marketing. “We are very excited to expand to a yearlong program that includes all Purina-sponsored all-breed dog shows.”

At the end of 2017, points will be tabulated based on the following:

  • Best in Show, 5 points (in addition to the 4 points for the Group One)
  • Group One, 4 points;
  • Group Two, 3 points;
  • Group Three, 2 points;
  • Group Four, 1 point.

The dog earning the most points will win a (1) a keepsake Pro Plan Champions Silver Cup; (2) a Ten Thousand Dollar ($10,000) cash award; and (3) One framed oil portrait of the winning dog. Cash prizes will also be awarded to the second ($5,000), third ($2,500), and fourth ($1,250) place winners.

Pro Plan® Champions Cup Award Program Description and Guidelines

The 2017 Pro Plan® Champions Cup Award Program (“Program”) begins on January 5, 2017, with Palm Springs Kennel Club show and ends on December 10, 2017 with the Lone Star Winter Classic. (“Program period”).


The Program is open to dogs entered in the approximately 214 Purina-sponsored all-breed dog shows ("Dog Shows") held during the Program period Pro Plan Champion’s Cup Events.

Entry Requirements

No registration or submission of an entry form is required. All dogs participating in the Dog Shows are automatically entered in the Program.

Description of Program

During the Program period dogs will earn points for Best in Show and group placements one through four in each of the seven groups as follows:

  • Best in Show: 5 points
  • Group Placement One: 4 points;
  • Group Placement Two: 3 points;
  • Group Placement Three: 2 points;
  • Group Placement Four: 1 point.

Points will be earned at each Dog Show and will be accumulated throughout the Program period. A list of standings showing the ten dogs with the most points in the Program will be available at during the Program period. The standings will be tracked for each Dog Show and the internet postings will be updated monthly. The four dogs who have earned the highest number of points at the conclusion of the Program will receive the awards described below.

Description of Awards

Awards will be given based on total points earned as follows:

Highest number of points: (1) a keepsake Pro Plan Champions Silver Cup; (2) a Ten Thousand Dollar ($10,000) cash award; and (3) One framed oil portrait of the winning dog.

2nd Highest number of points: A Five Thousand Dollar ($5,000) cash award.

3rd Highest number of points: A Twenty-five hundred Dollar ($2,500) cash award.

4th Highest number of points: A Twelve Hundred Fifty Dollar ($1,250) cash award.

It is understood the awards are based on the accumulation of points by each dog and will be provided by Purina to the respective owners. Only one award per dog will be given. In the event a dog has more than one owner, the owners of that dog shall provide Purina with the name(s) of the designated recipient(s) of the award. Purina shall deliver the award to the designated recipient(s) and it will be the responsibility of the designated recipient(s), and not Purina, to determine the manner in which the award will be allocated to the respective owners.

Federal, state, and local taxes, including sales tax, if any, are the sole responsibility of the owner(s) of the winning dog.


The owner(s) of the winning dog will be notified within two (2) weeks following the conclusion of the Promotion period.


Although Nestle Purina PetCare Company is recognized as a sponsor of the Dog Shows, each Dog Show is judged independently and Nestle Purina PetCare Company has no influence on the outcome of any of the Dog Shows.

Nestle Purina PetCare Company, its parent and affiliated companies, and their representatives, agents or employees are not responsible for, and shall be indemnified by the award winners against any claims, injuries, losses or damages of any kind resulting from acceptance, use, misuse, possession, or loss of an award.

Champions Cup Events

Keep your eye on the prize

Purina® Pro Plan® Champions Cup events are open to dogs entered in specific Purina-sponsored all-breed dog shows held during a specific program period.


Champions Gallery

Take a look at history

Remember past Purina® Pro Plan® Champions Cup winners in our special gallery of photos.



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