FortiFlora Helps Manage Gastrointestinal Upset in Dogs

FortiFlora Supports Healthy Immune System in Active Agility Dogs - Header Image

The stress of traveling to agility trials or simply changes in routine may cause some dogs to have gastrointestinal upset. Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora Canine Supplement is a probiotic supplement that can help manage diarrhea related to stress. 

The key is recognizing signs of a problem early. Digestive upset can cause loose stool and diarrhea as well as vomiting. Reduced energy and performance, loss of appetite and excessive gas are not uncommon. Long-term effects may include dehydration, weight loss and poor-quality skin and coat.  

These conditions may occur when healthy immune function is unable to provide a natural defense. Consumption of inappropriate foods and antibiotic treatment may also cause signs of a gastrointestinal problem. 

“Since 70 percent of a dog’s immune system is associated with the gut, an upset digestive tract can result in reduced immunity,” explains Purina veterinarian Jason Gagne, DVM, DACVIM (Nutrition), a Board-Certified Veterinary Nutritionist®. “Probiotics can help promote and maintain a balanced intestinal microflora.” 

FortiFlora contains a safe and effective strain of beneficial bacteria, Enterococcus faecium SF68®, that has been proven to promote normal intestinal microflora and support a healthy immune system. This probiotic supplement promotes intestinal health and balance in adult dogs and growing puppies. It also helps reduce gas in dogs.  

Tips to aid in preventing digestive upset in dogs when traveling include packing your dog’s regular food. Diet changes may trigger gastrointestinal problems. A change in water source, especially going from hard water to soft water, also can upset a dog’s gastrointestinal system. The risk of diarrhea increases, which can potentially cause dehydration and overheating. Bringing several gallons of water from home or using bottled water is recommended while traveling. 

FortiFlora is the No. 1 veterinarian-recommended dog probiotic brand to support digestive health.* Owners of active agility dogs that travel frequently to trials and competitive events may choose to proactively add FortiFlora to their dog’s regular food to help support a healthy immune system.  

 Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora Canine Supplement comes in a box containing 30 sachet packets of the dry powder supplement that can be sprinkled on a dog’s food. Alternatively, Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Supplements FortiFlora Canine Chewable Tablet Supplement contains 45- and 90-count chewable tablets.  

Each packet or chewable tablet of the digestive dog food supplement contains a guaranteed level of live microorganisms that helps promote normal intestinal microflora. Recommended by veterinarians, FortiFlora is available online at Pro Plan Vet Direct, Amazon and Chewy and at pet specialty retail stores. For more information about FortiFlora, you may call 800-222-VETS (8387). 

Agility competitors who opt to have a supply of FortiFlora on hand to help support their dog’s immune system health are likely to agree it is one of the most important ways they can manage the effects of stress and travel on their dogs. 

*Relevation Veterinary Tracker, 2023.