2014 Purina Brace Beagle Derby Award

Brace Beagle Derby Award

FCB Steeler Town Stiletto, a 1-year-old 15-inch tricolor female Beagle, is the winner of the 10th annual Purina Brace Beagle Derby Award. Co-owned by Marty Parker of Taylorsville, Kentucky, and Niki Happel of Pittsburgh, “Stiletto” is sired by 2XNBC-FCB Bee Lick Braveheart, the winner of this year’s Purina Brace Beagle Champion Award and winner of the 2013 Purina Derby Award. “Stiletto’s best quality is her independence,” Happel says. “Whether she draws the front or back, she does well. She won some of the Federations from behind, turning the rabbit off behind the front dog.” Stiletto won her class at the Midwestern, Mid-Dixie, Heartland, and International Federations and had two placements as well. Stiletto was handled by Happel and Parker during the six Federation derby trials. She is fed Purina® Pro Plan® SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula.