Star, My 13 Year-Old Llewellin Setter

Star, My 13 year-old Llewellin Setter

My story begins seven years ago. I was a grouse hunter without a dog. I met an older gentleman at a gun show and he invited me to go with him and his Llewellins to Wisconsin. After a very successful trip I tried to buy his five year old Setter named Star that was just an amazing field dog. He declined but offered to let me borrow her the next season. That year at Christmas he called and offered to bring her by for a couple of weeks. I quickly accepted and when he came by I was shocked when he asked me if I wanted to keep her permanently as he was getting too old to hunt her. He refused to take any money and handed me her leash. With tears in both of our eyes he turned and walked out. It was the best Christmas present since the "Red Ryder BB Gun". I shot six grouse over her in two weeks. She started it all for me as a dog owner and lover. She has been to Montana, Wisconsin, and Maine. She recently turned thirteen and looks great. However, she is retired because she is going deaf and does see well anymore. She eats Purina® Pro Plan® Sport now and I truly believe this has contributed greatly to her longevity and overall good health. I now own five Llewellin Setters and they have changed my life.