Sandy Harrell Of D-S Texas Blue Lacys

Sandy Harrell of D-S Texas Blue Lacys

I was introduced to the Texas Blue Lacy about 12 years ago and have been hooked on these versatile, intelligent dogs ever since. Generally a healthy breed, the intelligence of these dogs surpasses most of the breeds that I have been accustomed to being around. They can do anything from baying hogs or varmints, to blood trailing game or search and rescue for emergency personnel. They are a clean, medium size dog who is loyal to their family and children but able to turn on the speed and aggression when needed.

Calamity Jane, a tri colored Lacy has become my "go to dog" for nearly all situations. She proves what traits a Lacy should accomplish. She can herd the roughest of cattle, bay a hog and keep it trapped by herself, or visit a classroom full of school kids to win their hearts.