Ronnie Smith & Susanna Love Of Ronnie Smith Kennels

Ronnie Smith & Susanna Love of Ronnie Smith Kennels

We are all about bird dogs. We run a bird dog training facility in northeastern Oklahoma. At our facility we accept two classes of pointing and flushing dogs a year. These dogs come to us from across the country and stay with us for at least 90 days, during which time we teach them bird dog fundamentals. When we are not training bird dogs, we are teaching people how to train their own bird dogs. For a couple of months every year, we travel the US giving training seminars. During hunting season we can be found in Texas guiding quail hunts. No matter what time of year or what our activity is, the mental and physical shape of each dog in our kennel is the most important thing to us and our team. It is for this reason that we feed Pro Plan Performance. When it comes to times of particularly high stress and high exposure, we turn to Forti Flora to assist our dog's immunity system. We work hard for and are dedicated to the dogs in our kennel throughout the year. Purina has proven itself to us time and time again. Our dogs reap the benefit of Purina's nutrition research, quality control, and philosophy that "inside every good dog is a great dog." ~ Ronnie Smith and Susanna Love