Matt Echelberry Of Muskingum River Treeing Walkers

Matt Echelberry of Muskingum River Treeing Walkers

I remember when I was young dad worked second shift and got home around 10 pm and a guy he worked with would bring his dogs to work with him so they could go hunting after work. I would always ask to go and the answer was I would get to go when I was older. I was around 10 when I finally got to go with my dad and uncle. I remember a big Walker dog named Bubba and a little Bluetick female named Midge. We turned them loose in a cornfield bottom and they ran the track up a steep hill and treed on top. It was steep and the greenbriers were everywhere, finally we made it to the tree and…it was a bob-tailed coon. I kept it and got it tanned.

After that I was hooked and never looked back!