Kim Goza Of Saki Shar Pei

Kim Goza of Saki Shar Pei

I have bred, owned, shown & loved Shar-Pei since 1982. It is very important with my breed to have complete nutrition to maintain coat. Shar-Pei are a very unique breed not only in their coat & appearance, but are unique in what they can tolerate in their diet. I have tried over the years Nutro Max, Nutro Choice, Diamond, Diamond Naturals, Iams and Science Diet. None of which could maintain the coat in my dogs to compete in the show ring. I went to a show at Purina Farms so depressed as my top show bitch "Scuddles" was totally out of coat. Went to the Purina Booth & spoke with your rep Deb Cooper. She said "Try Pro Plan Sensitive Skin & Stomach it is the total nutrition your Shar-Pei need". I did and in 3 weeks I could see the difference not only in "Scuddles" but also the 10 puppies I had in a litter. Weight, coat & energy is all there!! I now feed this to all 5 of my adults & I am making sure all 10 pups go to homes that feed the same. As an added bonus the stools are much smaller so I know the food is packed with nutrition and not just filler. Thank you Purina & Deb Cooper for getting my show girl "Scuddles" back in coat. "Scuddles" now stands at #8 all breed Shar-Pei at the age of 16 months & on the Top 25 list of her breed. ~ Kim Goza