Labrador Retriever Named ‘Mona’ Is 2019 National Derby Retriever Champion

Labrador Retriever Mona 2019 National Derby Retriever Champion

Photo by Deana Wolfe/Courtesy of Retriever News

With her characteristic spot-on marking style, a 21-month-old female Labrador Retriever named “Mona” won the National Derby Retriever Championship (NDC) handled by owner Don English of Dallas. NDC Spark Your Enthusiasm delivered a solid performance and gave English his biggest career win since starting in retriever stakes in 2012. “It was surreal to win,” says English, giving credit to his training partners John Russell and Robby Bickley, both of Valley View, Texas. “They have a lot of experience competing at the national level and helped us stay focused during the field trial.” English, who bought Mona at 8 weeks of age and began her basic training when she was 4 months old, says he also has learned from watching amateur trainer Martha Russell of Valley View, Texas, the importance of allowing a retriever to advance at his or her own pace. Held in October 2019 in Sedalia, Missouri, the National Derby Retriever Championship included 34 derby-age competitors. All 10 Finalists are fed Purina Pro Plan dog food.


Mona, the National Derby Retriever Champion, is fueled by Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20 Salmon & Rice Formula