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Uncover dog breed-specific health information, including common hereditary and health concerns, prevention tactics, and breakthroughs in treatments. Read our dog health articles below.

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An avid field trial competitor, Dave Flint of Martindale, Texas, has chalked up 14 years working with English Springer Spaniels. Before he had springers, he owned and competed with retrievers. 

Travel is not rest for dogs. Taking steps to ensure dogs’ comfort and reduce travel stress can help make a road trip to a dog show more manageable. Learn more.
Beautiful and fast-moving, sight-hounds also are at risk for inheriting gene mutations that can cause a life-threatening, slow recovery from anesthetic drugs. Learn more.
Learn about the highly contagious canine reproductive disease brucellosis that can cause significant economic losses for a kennel.

When a mysterious condition began occurring in Pugs in the early 1970s, breeders and owners were taken aback. Apparently healthy, young adult dogs typically died not long after the onset of neurological signs, such as unsteadiness or seizures.