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Uncover dog breed-specific health information, including common hereditary and health concerns, prevention tactics, and breakthroughs in treatments. Read our dog health articles below.

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An avid field trial competitor, Dave Flint of Martindale, Texas, has chalked up 14 years working with English Springer Spaniels. Before he had springers, he owned and competed with retrievers. 

Beautiful and fast-moving, sight-hounds also are at risk for inheriting gene mutations that can cause a life-threatening, slow recovery from anesthetic drugs. Learn more.
Travel is not rest for dogs. Taking steps to ensure dogs’ comfort and reduce travel stress can help make a road trip to a dog show more manageable. Learn more.
Learn about the highly contagious canine reproductive disease brucellosis that can cause significant economic losses for a kennel.
Learn the differences between heat stress and heatstroke in dogs, how to prevent overheating and why hydration is essential in the summer heat.

Terrier breeders who have had dogs that suffer from primary lens luxation (PLL), a painful, genetic eye disorder that often leads to blindness, shared relief when the gene mutation was discovered last fall by researchers at the University of Missouri, and t

A new therapy for canine lymphoma that was first used in human medicine offers promise in treating the one in four Boxers affected by the cancer. The therapy, bone marrow transplantation, uses a dog’s own stem cells to stimulate bone marrow function and immune system recovery following radiation to kill cancer cells.
Animal digest is often considered a substandard pet food ingredient. In some cases, this is because the word “digest” is mistakenly thought to describe the contents of the digestive tract. 

Purina officials recently presented the AKC Canine Health Foundation with a donation of $220,746. The gift, which is based on participation in the 2013 Purina Parent Club Partnership (PPCP) Program, will be used for canine health research.