Dean Reinke

Dean Reinke

Area Manager for:

  • Retriever Segments (AKC Field Trials, AKC Hunt Tests and HRC
  • National Shoot to Retrieve
  • National Bird Hunters Association
  • US Complete Shooting Dog Association
  • English Springer Spaniel Field Trials and Hunt Tests
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Cover Dog Trials

Dean has been with Purina over 7 years, since January, 2006.

Dean has participated in Field Trial English Springer Spaniels for 33 years, finished 12 Champions, placed in 7 National Championships, finished 24 Nationals, judged 2 National Championships and has been a National Gunner and Captain several years.

He was inducted into The English Springer Spaniel Hall of Fame in Grand Junction, TN in 2013.

Purina is exceptional in promoting “Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk” by supporting their employees in their pursuits relating to their animals.

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