2014-2015 Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler

Top Shooting Dog Handler

Winning a record 12 Purina Top Handler Awards, veteran pro George Tracy of Glenville, Pennsylvania, is the 2014-2015 Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler. Tracy ruled the shooting dog circuit with 32 placements from 26 Purina Point field trials, earning 3,365 points. “It’s great to be recognized for doing well in this sport,” says Tracy, whose string of 11 dogs included “Duke” (Sugarknoll War Paint), the 2014-2015 Purina Top Shooting Dog Award winner, and “Bull” (Fast and Furious), the 2014-2015 Purina Derby Top Shooting Dog Award winner. “I have many wonderful owners, and they are who win at the end of the day. They provide outstanding dogs and wait to run them until they know the dog can win.”

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