2013-2014 Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler Award

Top Shooting Dog Handler Award

Professional handler Mike Tracy of Glenville, Pennsylvania, has won his ninth Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler Award in the 2013-2014 season, tallying 4,724 points by handling 16 dogs to 34 placements. Among the winning dogs on his string were the Purina Top Shooting Dog, 13XCH/7XRUCH Great River Ice, and the Purina Top Shooting Derby Dog, Hightailing Miss Kate. “Every time I win this award is as special as the first I won,” Tracy says. “The hard work that goes into developing these dogs and traveling to the trials comes together at times like this.” In the 26-year history of the prestigious Purina Top Shooting Dog Handler Award, only George Tracy, Mike’s father, has won more times, with a record 11 wins. It takes good planning and hard work to meet the opportunity to win this award,” Mike says. “I have some of the best owners who trust me to develop their dogs to their potential. It takes a good dog and a good handler to make a good shooting dog team.”