2015-2016 Purina Top Shooting Dog Derby Award

Top Shooting Dog Derby Award

Stylishly and reliably on her A-game throughout the 2015-2016 season, a 2-year-old Pointer called “Dot” captured the fourth annual Purina Top Shooting Dog Derby Award. Rentz’s Fire and Ice, a white-and-liver female, presented pro handler Jeanette Tracy of Glenville, Pennsylvania, with her first Purina Award. Tracy, notably the first female winner in the Purina Shooting Dog Award program’s 34-year history, says, “Dot is a dependable dog. Every time you put her down, she gives a consistent performance.” Bred by Bruce Mercer of McDonough, Georgia, Dot showed off her willingness to please and bird-finding ability by placing in seven shooting dog stakes, including three national futurity stakes, and earning 833 points throughout the yearlong competition. “Dot is easy to work with, a quick learner, and always steady on her game. She’s special,” says Joe Rentz, who owns Dot with his wife, Tricia, of Fayetteville, Georgia.