2013 Purina Outstanding SPO Field Trial Beagle Award

Outstanding SPO Field Trial Beagle Award

A 5-year-old 13-inch tricolor male called “Aesop” proved his keen ability to track a rabbit by winning 11 field trials and placing in 18 of the 23 Purina Point events he entered to win the 15th annual Purina Award for the Outstanding SPO Field Trial Beagle. Throughout the yearlong competition, FCGD Cable’s Aesop outperformed 4,800 hounds and earned 76 points, close to breaking the record of 79 points. “Aesop is a solid, steady hound and a straight-ahead, head-down runner, which makes him an outstanding competitor in the field,” says owner-handler Dr. John W. Cable Jr., of Carlisle, Pennsylvania. Cable, the owner of the 2012 Purina Award 13-inch female class winner, has been competing in field trials since 2001. Aesop is powered by Purina® Pro Plan® SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula.