2017 Purina Outstanding Field Trial Brace Beagle Award

Sporting Brace Beagle Champion

Getting better and better with every Federation field trial, FCB Little Ease Pretty Boy Floyd pulled ahead of the competition to win the 45th annual Purina Outstanding Field Trial Brace Beagle Award. With his expert rabbit-tracking ability, the 2-year-old 15-inch tricolor male Beagle outperformed 360 hounds by winning the last three Federation field trials – the Eastern, International and Northeastern – and placing fourth, third and second, respectively, in the first three trials. Co-owners Bryan Frye of Franklinville, New Jersey, a first-time Purina Award winner, and Joel Davis of Nottingham Township, Pennsylvania, who won in 2014, were thrilled to win. Handled by pros Fred and Karen Eurick of Frenchtown, New Jersey, “Pretty Boy” is fed Purina Dog Chow.