2013 Purina Outstanding Derby Retriever Award

Outstanding Derby Retriever Award

The Purina Outstanding Derby Dog is Kirkwood’s Ace of Lone Star (“Lexie”), a Labrador Retriever owned by Casey Adams of Clarkdale, Arizona. With 10 wins and 23 placements, Lexie had a remarkable year. “From the day I picked her up at the airport and opened the crate door, she showed me she was different in a very good way,” says Adams. After starting her on the basics, when she was 5 months old, Adams took Lexie to John Henninger and Amie Duke of Tru-Line Retrievers in Jefferson, Oregon. “At 13 months old, she won three trials in a row, showing us that she really was special and giving us both our first blue ribbons,” Adams says. Lexie is fueled by Purina® Pro Plan® SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula.