2015 Purina Brace Beagle Derby Award

Brace Beagle Derby Award

A 1-year-old 13-inch tricolor male Beagle called “BJ” wowed to win the 11th annual Purina Brace Beagle Derby Award. FCB Veteran’s BJ was trained by breeder-owner Bill Pope of Bessemer, North Carolina, who, after 58 years in the sport, credits his special hound and partnership with Hall of Fame beagler Russ Arend of Macclenny, Florida, with his winning the prestigious award. “BJ is something out of the ordinary,” Pope says. “You don’t see dogs like him every day. He is a consistent winner.” BJ is co-owned by Arend, who handled the dog in the first three of six Derby-age Federation field trials and later finished the dog to his Brace Field Champion title. Pro handlers Bob and Lynette Coil of Bull’s Gap, Tennessee, then handled BJ in the last three Derby trials to win the award. The young hound is fueled by Purina Dog Chow.