2016 Purina Brace Beagle Champion Award

Edging out the competition, a 15-inch red-and-white female Beagle named “Consuela” masterfully won the 12th annual Purina Brace Beagle Champion Award. Taking the lead midway through the competition, FCB Sunshine Consuela dominated with her slow and methodical rabbit-tracking style. Co-owners Pete Proctor of Vale, North Carolina, and Dennis Tressler of Valencia, Pennsylvania, took turns handling the 2 ½-year-old hound to her wins at the Mid-Dixie and Coraopolis Field Champion trials. Consuela placed second at the Loraine County Field Champion trial. Proctor, the breeder, says, “As a 1-year-old, Consuela came close to winning the Purina Derby Award. Dennis handled her at the International Derby trial and liked her so much, he became co-owner. Winning this award validates her power as an accurate tracker.” Consuela is fed Purina Pro Plan SPORT Performance 30/20 Formula