2018 Purina Outstanding SPO Field Trial Beagle Award

SPO Beagle - Moe

Natural knack and endless energy helped propel a solid, muscular 15-inch Beagle called “Moe” to become the 2018 Purina Outstanding SPO (Small Pack Option) Beagle. FCGD Rapid Run Big Moe D earned 256 points from five Purina Points-earning field trial wins to earn the prestigious award, a first for Richard and David Sawyer, the father-son owner-handler duo of Frankfort, Kentucky.  

“In the 30 years I’ve been competing and working with Beagles, I’ve never owned or handled a dog like Moe,” says David Sawyer. “I’m delighted to win this with my dad and with Moe. They both made this a one-of-a-kind experience.”   

Moe is fed Purina Pro Plan SPORT Active 26/16 Formula.