Kimberly Berkley Of Dog Sports At Kim's

Kimberly Berkley of Dog Sports at Kim's

I finished OTCH on my golden and I was given a show quality English Springer Spaniel, (Polesitter's Danica Dazzles). Right away my goal was to see how much I could teach her and complete her 3 Championships CH OTCH MACH as quick as possible. She was so much fun to train and a natural, she was a breed champion at 13 Months, OTCH (Obedience Champion) at 22 months, and finished her MACH (Master Agility Championship) at 2 years and 7 months to become the youngest dog to achieve these 3 Championships.

I have finished 3 OTCH's on 3 dogs in 22 months, I have put 4 MACH's on 4 different breeds of dogs in a little over a year. All my dogs are special but Dani has a special place in my heart! My dogs have never been fed anything but Purina Pro Plan!