Jeanine Russell Of Cool Hand Jean Kennels

Jeanine Russell of Cool Hand Jean Kennels
Tess is the first bully bred dog I ever owned. She is always happy and always willing to please. I read about the Citizen Good Citizen program, and knew I had to get her tested. Tess passed the CGC test on March 20, 2010. One of the first things we did was visit my work place. I work at a home for the Mentally Ill. Tess took right to it, and enjoyed every bit of petting. The Residents were thrilled. Later a Girl Scout Camp, contacted me, and Tess and I got to go to the Camp to teach the girls about bully breeds, mainly American Pit Bull Terriers. The Girls were very eager to learn, and Tess was more than eager to let them all pet her. We have been back to the Girl Scout Camp, and have an Open Invitation every Summer. I am proud of my Tess the Mess CGC. She really embodies the true spirit of the American Pit Bull Terrier.